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again, my stumble threw this image at me and it really resonated. so, again. i’m sharing it with you.


i may at a later time decide to say more, but i’m tired and my bed is calling to me. guten nacht.



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the right people

ran across this with my stumbleupon.com account. and i felt like sharing.

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yesterday i woke up with one thought in my head, a memory of a friend. she told me once:

the images you see on the back if your eyelids will show you how you will die.

yeah, lovely thought to wake up to, right? except it didn’t bother me at all. i haven’t really thought about her too much lately. and never about this, at least not since January of 2000.

the really weird thing? she died a few weeks after she told me this. she also never told me what it was she saw. i still wonder if it was the car that hit her.

we were 14, it’s hard to lose a friend when you’re that young.

to be honest i don’t know why i thought of that yesterday. but immediately after i did, i closed my eyes and saw


just lil twinkly lights everywhere. a lil bit anticlimactic, don’tcha think?


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i stumbled across this image the other day. a list of things that will help you live your life to it’s fullest.

i’m going to start this right now!

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there’s a saying that “not all who wander are lost.” apparently it’s a quote from tolkien’s lord of the rings. i’ve always loved it because i personally love to wander in nature, around the internet, and  new places. if i was able to go all over the world i would.

then again. there are times, more then i can count, where i feel that i am  the opposite. as i have been in one place by far too long. i feel there should be an opposite of this.

“not all who are lost, wander”

it’s true, how many people have lived in one place or stayed at the same job and all the while disliking it? having no idea who or what they would really like to do/be? we are lost inside ourselves desperately seeking who we are. going round and round with the same thoughts, never really getting anywhere but farther and farther down the rabbit hole because of the “what if’?s”.

courtesy of my stumbleupon

the “what if”s” come out to play at night

when you can’t sleep
nothing seems quite right.

your brain likes to play tricks on you
it knows just what
and when or who.

the road not traveled
the experience lost
the book not written or read.

kick any regrets to the curb, i say
for what is past is past.
the future is in play.

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broken things

going through my things today i stumbled across all the stencils i have made for t- shirts and i had a quote on a piece of paper.

broken things can be beautiful

just reading those words, i teared up. it’s difficult to say why.  i think it has to do with how i’ve been feeling like a failure. as if i was useless, like a broken thing.

i hate feeling brokenit made me realize that if broken things can be beautiful, then i can be as well. and there was nothing i needed to hear more then it’s okay to be broken.

i know at some point i will fix myself, there will always be cracks and i may have lost a few pieces and some substitutions may need to be made. but i will be put back together. to quote a favorite book, “there may be a few wodgy bits” but i will be back to myself, hopefully with lessons learned.

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