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the green fairymakes me and my friends giggle…a lot. for a licorice/anise flavored spirit (i learned the difference between spirits and liqueur today) i really didn’t mind it too much.

absinthe itself smells pretty good in the bottle, very much like licorice. i was reminded of good’n plenties. after we poured it into the glass it smelled really herby and not as appetizing. we did the la louche ritual it smelled amazing.

the la louche ritual with the slotted spoon, sugar cube and pouring the cold water through the sugar til dissolved leaves you with a light green cloudy beverage with an herby licorice smell. the entire idea of louche (this article is a bit technical), which is where the essential oils that are alcohol soluble are not when you add water. it really what makes the absinthe experience considering this is how they had been drinking it for over a century.

it did have a nice end flavor of good’n plenties, but the first taste is a bit astringent or sour or maybe it’s just the 60% alcohol by volume. i’m not too sure. no one else was tasting what i thought i was, but they were making funny faces like i was. haha.

absinthe was banned from 1915 – 2007 in the US, due to shoddy “experiments” by several gentlemen and quite possibly due to some cheap additives that affected color but were bad for your health.

the bottle my friend purchased was $70.00, a bit on the expensive side for us unemployed people, and was the brand Lucid. which is apparently the first brand allowed to be imported to the US after the ban was lifted. i really got a kick out of how the “louche” style of drinking absinthe was written out on the bottle.

definitely not something i need to drink quickly. which i did anyways, cause i am a slow drinker and we needed to leave to meet up with some folks, so quickly downed it was.  the rest of the night was fun, we just had a few drinks out and about.

i did enjoy the absinthe experience, one of the few licorice drinks i will have again. however rare that will be.


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whipped cream

well, i made my first ever two layer cake today. i wish i could say i made the entire thing from scratch, but a boxed cake was used. haha. i didn’t want to chance a dry, tasteless cake for my nephews first birthday. not to mention i was trying out a homemade whipped cream icing that uses unflavored gelatin to stabilize the whipping cream.  i’d read of many people having issues with gelatin junks so i didn’t want to have to redo it if i screwed up.

one negative of using unflavored gelatin…it smells terrible! you have to heat it up then wait until it’s cooled off ,but not set, to add it to the lightly whipped cream, vanilla and powdered sugar. i was soo bummed, i did have some issues with gelatin chunks….but they weren’t bad. i think my problem was i scraped the pan and some of the gelatin had set up on the sides. live and learn i guess?

chocolate and whipped cream frosting

i wanted to color the icing, cause white is boring. the lil dude’s favorite color at the moment is red, well favorite as in he really focuses on red things. so i tried to see if i could get red icing, as you can see from that icing layer…at best it’s “lightish red” aka pink. i figured my brother really wouldn’t go for that so i did orange instead.

as you can see from the picture below, i’m not too much of a decorator. then again this is the first cake i have ever decorated, so i guess it’s not too bad? right?

please don't make fun, i'm definitely not a decorator.

either way, it tasted fantastic! the frosting was light and fluffy and was just sweet enough over the chocolate cake. the lil dude ate a slice the same size as mine! so he REALLY liked it. *grins*

i’m not much of a cake person, but this will definitely be how i frost cakes in the future. here’s hoping i get the use of gelatin down in the future.

oh, and there’s only one small slice left…so i guess everyone else loved it!

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gee, my first post

well, what to say, what to say?

i suppose this is really my second attempt with this whole blogging thing. i may at one point link my previous blog to this one due to there being a few posts on it that i absolutely love.

but that’s getting ahead of myself.

i wanted a place to put my thoughts, share my aspirations, bitch (we can say that now can’t we? i mean it’s okay during prime time, so why not on the net?), and post images or sites that i stumble across. (courtesy of my stumpleupon.com account)

i hope you enjoy my ramblings.

i wonder when i’ll get some readers?

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