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some of my favorite wordsthere was a girl who loved fairy tales. the ones that most people don’t know and the versions of the famous ones not often shared with children. the ones with dark endings, snow white. the one’s that involve long journey’s with nameless destinations: east of the sun, west of the moon. the one’s with talking animals: prince ivan and the firebird and creatures like baba yaga (who’s as like to kill you as  help you). and they all contain an element of mystique and magic.

the princesses are always beautiful, but not not always good. though they are always redeemed by a deserving man (often the youngest son or a someone who is poor). the deserving are always attractive in these stories, though they may be clothed unattractively (in actual garments/magic or other reasons)

after all there is a tradition to be upheld with fairy tales. the youngest daughter is always the most beautiful, modest and retiring. the youngest son is believed to be a fool though he is usually quite clever.he is most deserving often times and receives the most help

one of my favorites is the goose girl from the brothers grimm. it has so many of the fairy tale tropes like repetition of rhyming phrases, the number 3,  talking animanls, just punishments (a rather violent end to the handmaiden who usurps her place), and a bit of magic.

there is nothing i want more right now then the entire collection of andrew lang’s fairy books. there are 13 of them and they are all named after colors. they have fairy tales from around the world! what i wouldn’t give to have the entire collection in a matched set.


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oh, tattoos. they’re often so personal, beautiful, colorful, interesting, and permanent. i haven’t always thought tattoos were amazing. my introduction to tattoos were my grandfather’s which have faded to that odd green color and are extremely blurry. i think it’s an eagle on a shield, he got it while in the service if i remember correctly. no one else in my immediate family has one… i hate to say it, but i only just realized this.

it took watching ami and his fellows on miami ink for me to see some excellently rendered tattoos. some of his pieces are simply stunning! two  of my favorites were the 1000 petal lotus and some free hand koi that was done as a cover up. i really wish i could afford to head down to florida and get a piece by him.

as it is, i have one tattoo. a bit of text on my foot, which i was told is one of the most painful places to get tattooed. it’s really not too bad. it feels like a bee sting or a burn (i get burns a lot when i cook, so i know what i’m talking about here). Continue reading

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