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it’s a night

it’s friday night, meaning it’s a night to go OUT.

to put your best face forward, dress cute and have a night on the town.

a night to go out to the bars, to flirt and to drink.

a night for fun with friends and…don’t i wish….to go dancing!

this town is too small for anywhere worth dancing. i have got to get over the mountains to denver if i want that. this is where that unemployment thing rather sucks a lot. i will make the best of it.

drinks and time with friends, that’s always fabulous!



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guys and cleaning

what is with guys telling girls that they cleaned recently? i only wonder because i’ve realized i’ve had several guys tell me about when they last cleaned, always within the day or two when they tell me.

does this having something to do with the hope that the person they are telling will  be comfortable enough to come over knowing that their place will not be a typical “gross guys place”. and in the guys eyes, possibly being a hook up as well?

i guess i’m a bit jaded, though i have a feeling i’m right. why else would you tell someone you were cleaning?

then again.

is it that so many people i know have such boring lives that that’s all we have to tell each other? hmm, my female friends don’t usually tell me they cleaned, if anything it’s that they tried something new cooking wise or they went shopping.

so, i do think it has all to do with a girl being comfortable coming over to their clean house. i’ll have to pay attention and see what keeps being said.

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lost a day

well,apparently i am a time traveler because i lost a day. saturday to be exact. i hate that. the cause of this fast forward to sunday? drinking, namely me drinking too much. yeah. i have really got to stop this. the day after is too much for me. i have got to stop accepting drinks from people, that is the cause. my inability to say no and the fact that i’m a small person with a low tolerance (compared to my friends anyways).

i was in bed for hours today, at least 8 or 9. i still feel shittier then all get out. i suppose it is time for a ton of advil and some water. hopefully i wake up tomorrow without this headache. (it’s going on day 3, it’s not from the hangover i had the headache before i even started drinking. another reason i shouldn’t have gone.)

this is the queen of the idiots, i’m out.

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dislike (ala facebook, or how it should be)

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50’s night

so my good friend and i decided to dress in 50’s style last night and go out to our favorite martini bar. luckily, i own just the appropriate ensemble for this! with my lovely cafe au lait dress with large chocolate and teal roses, pearls, gloves, and an amazing hat (borrowed from my mother). i was all set!really wanted to break out my southern accent here.

have you ever had everyone at the bar turn and look at you as you walk in? well, i have. apparently it’s not that often that someone walks in wearing a teal pill box hat with a veil. everyone over the age of 30 just loved it, most people my age were pretty much wondering if  i was off my rocker or not. *wry grin* makes me think of that lovely alice in wonderland quote “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” haha. it’s true. Continue reading


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