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Dictionary.com defines the word impose as:
im⋅pose [im-pohz] verb, -posed, -pos⋅ing.–verb (used with object)oh the impasse

1. to lay on or set as something to be borne, endured, obeyed, fulfilled, paid, etc.: to impose taxes.
2. to put or set by or as if by authority: to impose one’s personal preference on others.
3. to obtrude or thrust (oneself, one’s company, etc.) upon others.

well, there are 5 other definitions beyond that, but with number 3 we have a winner

i always feel that i am imposing on people. i don’t have the slightest idea where i got this from but it’s a bugger to get rid of. i am so unbelievably shy when with a group of people i don’t know or even just one person. in group situations i cling to the one person i know as if they’ll save me from drowning or making a fool of myself.

talk about imposing?!

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ear worm of the day

first let me define ear worm for those of you who may not know it:

UrbanDictionary.com has quite a few entertaining definitions for ear worm :

  1. Song that is stuck in your head
  2. Any song that is so catchy, and at the same time extremely annoying, that it feels like a worm has crawled into your ear and eaten the intelligent parts of your brain so that you hum the song all day long, no matter how much you hate it
  3. A song stuck in your head. Came from the German word, “ohrwurm,” which means earworm literally*, and a song stuck in the head not literally*

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