so i mentioned in my last post that i joined a gym, it’s a local one not a chain.  it’s only 3 blocks away, so i have no excuse not to go. it’s a full service gym, they have everything you need from shampoo and towels to deodorant and hairspray. hell, i could go before i went to work and i would only need my work clothes, it would just be the getting up earlier that would be hard. i’m not an early bird, that’s for sure.

you may be wondering how i, an unemployed person, can afford a gym membership. well, i got my tax return and it was a pretty nice chunk of change! enough to pay for a year’s membership and to buy me a MacBook Pro (only a 13″, but i love it) that i’m writing this on right now.

in squish i discussed how i’m not feeling so svelte at the moment, which really bothers me. the gym is gonna get me back to where i’d like to be, several inches smaller! i’ve been going at least 3 times a week. i don’t have a set workout schedule or even a routine quite yet. i’m meeting with a personal trainer next week to set up a workout routine and see what my goals are going to be. i’m really excited!

no doubt i’ll be posting more about that later. *grins*


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yeah, so i realized i hadn’t posted anything new here for quite some time.

oops….my bad!

I’ve been a lil bit sidetracked. the things that have been distracting me?

a: a boyfriend
b: part time jobs

the boyfriend:  of all the times i end up with one….it happens to be when i’m unemployed. i mean really? i’ve been single for over 2 years and now, when i have nothing really going for me i’m no longer single? i can find the humor in this. *grins* i’ve been spending a lot of time with him. with valentine’s day last week, he made me a great steampunk necklace. i’m getting all sorts of compliments on it, he’s really proud of himself. i’ll post about it later.

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what were you thinking?this image sums up life in general.

it is what it is.

what is your life to you?

to me, it’s a series of experiences that have, thus far, been  good. shure, i’ve had the bad things: friends dying, car accidents, break ups. have i let them keep me down? not really. it helps me keep perspective. how can you really know when something is good, if you’ve never experienced the low? for true joy you have to experience heartache and pain.

to be fair, some highs: my nephew, traveling, applause, etc.

life is a high just as much as it’s a low.

make a choice.

it is what it is. *shrugs*

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i’ve spent a lot of tonight reading a site called “makes me think.”

it has, it really has.

so far tonight i’ve thought of a day in college when my friend called me (in the middle of class) and i answered because we were working on our own. i’m so glad i did, because she was she cutting and talking about slitting her wrists. i was the person she called when she was feeling at her lowest. the call cut out after a few minutes and i freaked out. the only thing i could think to do was call the cops, i didn’t know her dorm building or number and she was at a school so far away.

i’m so happy that today she isn’t upset with me for calling the cops and that she’s there to talk and hang out with.

it’s made me remember the couple who stopped for a girl standing on the side of the road with her car upside down on an incline, who sat and waited with me until the ambulance arrived because i was by myself.

it’s reminded me of my friend jessie who died 12 years ago, even though she’s been on my mind for weeks. i even saw her little brother a few weeks ago. he had no idea who i was! but i still said hello.

it’s reminded me how lucky i really am, i may be unemployed and have no idea what i want to do with my life but i know that my options are limitless.

all i need is to decide what i want to do!

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jobless for 9 weeks now and bored for 7 of them. what has the 7 weeks of boredom wrought?


around the middle especially. this is bothering me more than i can even put into words. other than:

i feel fat.

(i know i’m not fat, i just don’t like this squishiness i’ve accumulated)

see, i’ve never worked out or gone to the gym or really done anything that would help tone me. i apparently have sensible eating habits and a good metabolism, thus far anyways…

since i have been out of work i have spent entirely too much time just sitting. at least at work i was sitting but i did not have access to foods other than what i brought with me. so my weight stayed around the 125 mark. now, i’m up at 132, which is what i weighed in high school, but i think some of it has changed to squish vs the muscle i had (no clue where it came from).


i need to fix this. i do not like feeling fat and at this point all my friends have access to a gym and are working out.

and me? i don’t.

i should get back into running again, that is something i could do. ‘cept i accidentally washed the iPod i used for running, an iPod mini.

yeah, talented right?

ok, ok, the main issue is i got bit by a dog the last time i went running in my neighborhood, which makes me dread running around town for the small likelihood that it would happen again.

i should just get over that. easier said then done though.

ugh. i have got to get out of this rut!

i want to look young and be hot forever. the squish is the opposite of that. *sigh*


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again, my stumble threw this image at me and it really resonated. so, again. i’m sharing it with you.


i may at a later time decide to say more, but i’m tired and my bed is calling to me. guten nacht.


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it’s a night

it’s friday night, meaning it’s a night to go OUT.

to put your best face forward, dress cute and have a night on the town.

a night to go out to the bars, to flirt and to drink.

a night for fun with friends and…don’t i wish….to go dancing!

this town is too small for anywhere worth dancing. i have got to get over the mountains to denver if i want that. this is where that unemployment thing rather sucks a lot. i will make the best of it.

drinks and time with friends, that’s always fabulous!


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tuesday nights

i am just a bit tipsy right now. and ya know what? i’m okay with that.

just got home from an amazing tuesday evening with some friends. we were doing dessert and drinks for the last month or so on tuesdays, today we upped the ante.

i made dinner and one friend did dessert.

tonight’s menu featured glazed pork chops, au gratin potatoes, crescent rolls and the friend made crème brûlée. *drool* and then there was the champagne. mmm, champagne is now a requirement. we have been having 2 bottles at each night, we have too much fun with this.

two of them have gotten into the habit of sabering all bottles of champagne open. not entirely sure what that is? just youtube it. there’s some funny videos of people screwing it up majorly as well.

fun fact:you can also saber a beer bottle open it if has the proper lip.

we did that last week when i had my first taste of leinenkugel sunset wheat. everyone else said it tasted like fruity pebbles (i don’t agree, but then again….i don’t like beer either).

either way, tonight was a fabulous night.

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so yesterday i felt like cooking, i ended up making a garlic herb encrusted pork loin, garlic mashed red potatoes and crescent rolls. i love garlic. so this was a rather garlic-y meal.

and when all is said and done, i can only say: yum.

everything turned out spectacularly, if a little bit later then i was expecting. it took an additional 30 minutes to cook the pork, it was a pound larger then what i was supposed to make. i keep forgetting that it does take a larger piece of meat longer to cook. and it’s a good thing i’ve been using larger roasts…i can’t imagine how garlic-y a smaller roast would be with this recipe.

both recipes in this are super easy. i’m of the notion that a small child would be able to pull these off (that is if they were allowed around an oven).

i even made a most spectacular gravy from the drippings in the pan. i’m going to have to try covering the roast for most of the cooking process next time so i can make more gravy, cause damn was it good.

adventures in cooking again tonight. maybe i’ll post it tomorrow.

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the right people

ran across this with my account. and i felt like sharing.

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