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i resolve

i started a tumblog last year in march and it took over my blogging life. i shall work to do better and keep this blog and the tumblr updated on a semi-regular basis.

it’s amazing how many different social media platforms there are. i’ve had a twitter for years, not like too many real people follow me on there, but i’ve had it and kept it up to date.

i’ve created several blogs, none of which i have done a very good job of updating. if i have a new year’s resolution, that will be it. to actually have a written word blog, which i will link to my tumblr.

this will work, i think. i’ll do a post updating from last year. truth be told, it’s not like i even have a real following so its more of a recap of the year for myself.


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and the words immediately in my head are: rockabye.

that song from the 90’s. it just gives me an all around chill feeling when i think about it. the nostalgia that kicks in when i hear it. it was one of the longest songs ever at around 6 minutes. (i know there are longer, but when most songs are the radio clock in around 3:30, it’s a huge difference)

things have changed in the last week.
1. i’m single again
2. new glasses
3. worked my first double at the restaurant
4. had another interview

i’ll just have to see how things turn out. i really hope that i get a job soon, my unemployment is going to run out soon. i wonder if i’ll be able to extend it or not…

just sit back and remember the words above: everything we’ll be all right.

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the denver trip was fabulous, in so many ways. a good friend and i got up early (for us) and drove over to denver, it’s about a 3-4 hour trip through over the rocky mountains. the trip over was uneventful, smooth driving. though i do always speed, i seem to have this inability to drive slowly. i really gotta work on that as it’s gained me several speeding tickets in the last year…

back to the trip. we picked our other friend at her apartment in denver and we headed out to lunch at the cherry creek mall. noodles and co. is a really great restaurant. i wasn’t adventurous sadly, so i didn’t go for the things i thought i might like and i went for the tried and true, i knew they couldn’t eff it up macaroni and cheese. i really am a kid at heart.

it was basically a shopping day for us, i dragged my friends to lucy, this great sports apparel company that i discovered in seattle last january. i love them. their clothes are comfortable, they do what they say they will and you look fabulous while at the gym working out. i bought them when i was running and they are great for yoga as well. i prefer the crops cause i get hot when i’m working out. though their pants would be great if you’re an outdoor runner in a cooler clime.

hit up the actual mall down the street. drooled  over the prada, jimmy choos and other shoes. i really am a shoe whore who’s reformed. mainly i don’t have the money for the shoes i want…. same thing though right?

we hit up diesel, got me a fab pair of jeans. dark wash, exactly what i was looking for. if more then i planned to spend on a single pair. the vans store, cause i wanted a fun pair of vans for work, they’re a uniform requirement. we basically just wandered around the mall.

it bugs me a lil bit that my body type is not easy to dress. i mean, i’m not a big person at all, i’m quite small in fact. only under 5’4″ and 130. but damn. i am a curvy thing, i have hips and i have a bust. definitely not gonna fit into most dresses in on area or another. i don’t like to have to tailor EVERYTHING so it fits. *sigh*

sorry. i’ll stop complaining. but it really is annoying.

the entire purpose of this post was to talk about our 3+ hour detour on the way home. there was a truck that had rolled carrying hazardous materials closing the interstate we were taking home. we ended up having to take the old road over the mountains. in order to get to that exit we sat for 90 minutes and only went a ONE mile….i am not used to that kind of traffic at all. then when we finally got to the exit it took us another 90 minutes to go over loveland pass, our average speed was 15mph. yeah, epic right?

the saving grace was “wizard people, dear reader” by brad neely. it’s an unauthorized retelling of harry potter and the sorcerers stone (the movie). it had us laughing all the way down loveland pass. i highly suggest checking it out. i really need to listen to it while i watch the movie (which is how you’re sposed to do it).

basically we had left denver at 6:00 and we got back into town at 12:30. it was crazy. a trip that should have taken us 3.5 hours that took much, much longer. all around, it was worth it though. yes, yes it was.

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flexeril dreams

just woke up from my flexeril dreams, weirdest one was that all the snow we got yesterday had melted. i was actually upset but knew that didn’t make sense. semi-lucid dreaming i guess? either way, definitely gives me the oddest dreams.

i guess since it is the last day of this year, the normal thing to do is to think about what i’ve done and what next year may bring for me. yeah, that hasn’t happened. i keep forgetting that this year is ending and the new starts at midnight tonight. maybe i’ll be more introspective when it actually hits me. ah well.

i can just try again tomorrow, no?

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dislike (ala facebook, or how it should be)

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i’ve been thinking

i’m really bad at following any sort of schedule with writing. i tried to have a diary, i tried another blog, to no avail.

hell, the only thing i’m good at updating is my twitter account and i haven’t been all that good at updating THAT lately. so what’s a girl to do? well, i think it’s gonna be to stop being a dumb ass ( i always think of Red Foreman when i think that) and just write. it’s really not all that difficult, just pick an interesting topic and run with it. so what i’m going to do is come up with some amusing/interesting subjects and go from there.

if i had any folks reading this i’d ask for suggestions, but i don’t think that will be happening any time soon. *grins*

so hopefully, this will be the last blog i post that is just a stalling tactic. but we’ll see.

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gee, my first post

well, what to say, what to say?

i suppose this is really my second attempt with this whole blogging thing. i may at one point link my previous blog to this one due to there being a few posts on it that i absolutely love.

but that’s getting ahead of myself.

i wanted a place to put my thoughts, share my aspirations, bitch (we can say that now can’t we? i mean it’s okay during prime time, so why not on the net?), and post images or sites that i stumble across. (courtesy of my account)

i hope you enjoy my ramblings.

i wonder when i’ll get some readers?

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