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the denver trip was fabulous, in so many ways. a good friend and i got up early (for us) and drove over to denver, it’s about a 3-4 hour trip through over the rocky mountains. the trip over was uneventful, smooth driving. though i do always speed, i seem to have this inability to drive slowly. i really gotta work on that as it’s gained me several speeding tickets in the last year…

back to the trip. we picked our other friend at her apartment in denver and we headed out to lunch at the cherry creek mall. noodles and co. is a really great restaurant. i wasn’t adventurous sadly, so i didn’t go for the things i thought i might like and i went for the tried and true, i knew they couldn’t eff it up macaroni and cheese. i really am a kid at heart.

it was basically a shopping day for us, i dragged my friends to lucy, this great sports apparel company that i discovered in seattle last january. i love them. their clothes are comfortable, they do what they say they will and you look fabulous while at the gym working out. i bought them when i was running and they are great for yoga as well. i prefer the crops cause i get hot when i’m working out. though their pants would be great if you’re an outdoor runner in a cooler clime.

hit up the actual mall down the street. drooled  over the prada, jimmy choos and other shoes. i really am a shoe whore who’s reformed. mainly i don’t have the money for the shoes i want…. same thing though right?

we hit up diesel, got me a fab pair of jeans. dark wash, exactly what i was looking for. if more then i planned to spend on a single pair. the vans store, cause i wanted a fun pair of vans for work, they’re a uniform requirement. we basically just wandered around the mall.

it bugs me a lil bit that my body type is not easy to dress. i mean, i’m not a big person at all, i’m quite small in fact. only under 5’4″ and 130. but damn. i am a curvy thing, i have hips and i have a bust. definitely not gonna fit into most dresses in on area or another. i don’t like to have to tailor EVERYTHING so it fits. *sigh*

sorry. i’ll stop complaining. but it really is annoying.

the entire purpose of this post was to talk about our 3+ hour detour on the way home. there was a truck that had rolled carrying hazardous materials closing the interstate we were taking home. we ended up having to take the old road over the mountains. in order to get to that exit we sat for 90 minutes and only went a ONE mile….i am not used to that kind of traffic at all. then when we finally got to the exit it took us another 90 minutes to go over loveland pass, our average speed was 15mph. yeah, epic right?

the saving grace was “wizard people, dear reader” by brad neely. it’s an unauthorized retelling of harry potter and the sorcerers stone (the movie). it had us laughing all the way down loveland pass. i highly suggest checking it out. i really need to listen to it while i watch the movie (which is how you’re sposed to do it).

basically we had left denver at 6:00 and we got back into town at 12:30. it was crazy. a trip that should have taken us 3.5 hours that took much, much longer. all around, it was worth it though. yes, yes it was.


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again, my stumble threw this image at me and it really resonated. so, again. i’m sharing it with you.


i may at a later time decide to say more, but i’m tired and my bed is calling to me. guten nacht.


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it’s a night

it’s friday night, meaning it’s a night to go OUT.

to put your best face forward, dress cute and have a night on the town.

a night to go out to the bars, to flirt and to drink.

a night for fun with friends and…don’t i wish….to go dancing!

this town is too small for anywhere worth dancing. i have got to get over the mountains to denver if i want that. this is where that unemployment thing rather sucks a lot. i will make the best of it.

drinks and time with friends, that’s always fabulous!


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the right people

ran across this with my account. and i felt like sharing.

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guys and cleaning

what is with guys telling girls that they cleaned recently? i only wonder because i’ve realized i’ve had several guys tell me about when they last cleaned, always within the day or two when they tell me.

does this having something to do with the hope that the person they are telling will  be comfortable enough to come over knowing that their place will not be a typical “gross guys place”. and in the guys eyes, possibly being a hook up as well?

i guess i’m a bit jaded, though i have a feeling i’m right. why else would you tell someone you were cleaning?

then again.

is it that so many people i know have such boring lives that that’s all we have to tell each other? hmm, my female friends don’t usually tell me they cleaned, if anything it’s that they tried something new cooking wise or they went shopping.

so, i do think it has all to do with a girl being comfortable coming over to their clean house. i’ll have to pay attention and see what keeps being said.

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happy christmahanakwanzika!

i made some really fun holiday cards this year, the first time i have ever done them! the verse just popped into my head one morning and i just had to make them into cards. so i felt like sharing them with the world. i’ll post them to twitter and facebook later no doubt.

sorry the pictures below aren’t too great. it’s not like i have a good camera or anything. *grins*

it's a sticker, in case you were wondering

yep, cause i write sill verse.

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50’s night

so my good friend and i decided to dress in 50’s style last night and go out to our favorite martini bar. luckily, i own just the appropriate ensemble for this! with my lovely cafe au lait dress with large chocolate and teal roses, pearls, gloves, and an amazing hat (borrowed from my mother). i was all set!really wanted to break out my southern accent here.

have you ever had everyone at the bar turn and look at you as you walk in? well, i have. apparently it’s not that often that someone walks in wearing a teal pill box hat with a veil. everyone over the age of 30 just loved it, most people my age were pretty much wondering if  i was off my rocker or not. *wry grin* makes me think of that lovely alice in wonderland quote “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” haha. it’s true. Continue reading


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