a recap

hard to believe it’s 2012. i wrote the date for the first time this year and i really had to think about it.

so, recap of 2011!

i was unemployed, i went to the bars a lot. oh! i did get a job (where i still work) and ended up with a boyfriend.

first valentine’s day when i wasn’t single, it was slightly awkward. i don’t like gift giving until i’ve known someone for awhile. saw casablanca for the first time. got used to working again, joined a gym!! and bought my macbook pro.

realized the guy i was seeing was getting on my nerves. called me “hun”, never remembered my work schedule (which never changed), the sex was good. start a tumblr account, break up with him at the end of the month.

get my dandelion fluffy tattoo (this will get it’s own post as i’ve since added on to it). gym 3 days a week

uh…i don’t think anything of import happened in may…maybe i started running?, going to gym 3 days a week

 definitely started running again, lost 10 lbs, going to gym 3 days a week. running 3 days a week

got another job, started going to the gym only 2 days a week, running 3 days a week, turned 26

ran my first 5k, ran 5k every run thereafter, working 6 days a week over 40 hours.

again….nothing really all that important. running my 5k’s every run

stopped running, screwed up my sleep schedule royally, went to zombie prom

nothing really, still working a lot, went to denver to see some friends. good times were had

had a lot of migraines, christmas, got my latest tattoo,lost weight over the holidays


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