the gym

as i’ve said before i’m going to the gym, oh, three times a week or more. i’ve really been enjoying it!

it’s great to see that i’m starting to lose some of my squish, in a healthy way of course! isn’t it said that the first place you notice weight loss or gain is in your face? well, it’s getting a lil slimmer, which is fabulous! starting to have more definition in my cheekbones!

the one thing that is bugging me, is i have a friend who goes to the same gym and she’s making it competitive. with lil dig’s at the weights i use or the level my machine’s are on. she’s been going for about 6 months or so and sees a personal trainer twice a week (the only times she goes to the gym) and she’s keeps comparing herself to me.

i get that she’s really excited to go and about the inches she’s losing and i’m happy for her. but jesus. i’ve been going for one month now, by myself, and i’ve never gone to the gym before. good for you that you do your cardio at 6, two levels above mine… you’ve been going for 6 months! i just started and i’m happy that i’ve already upped it one level in a month. i plan on raising it as often as is comfortable but as it’s me, no trainer, i’m erring on the side of caution.

it’s not the only place she’s starting to make these digs. it’s just the thing it’s most often. it’s the one thing i don’t deal with well, it’s people being catty. i know i do it, but i do my best to keep it to a minimum. i also don’t do it to their face.

ah, well. only one thing you can do about that.


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