yeah, so i realized i hadn’t posted anything new here for quite some time.

oops….my bad!

I’ve been a lil bit sidetracked. the things that have been distracting me?

a: a boyfriend
b: part time jobs

the boyfriend:  of all the times i end up with one….it happens to be when i’m unemployed. i mean really? i’ve been single for over 2 years and now, when i have nothing really going for me i’m no longer single? i can find the humor in this. *grins* i’ve been spending a lot of time with him. with valentine’s day last week, he made me a great steampunk necklace. i’m getting all sorts of compliments on it, he’s really proud of himself. i’ll post about it later.

part time jobs: one of them is hosting a few evenings a week at a restaurant, which is fun, but it also means i can’t go away on the weekends. i’m a bit bummed about that. i’ve been wanting to go visit some friends who are over 4 hours away and i can’t get there when they have their days off (weekends)

the other is me being a personal assistant , just random tasks they don’t have the time to do for themselves. such as setting up their new phones, entering 20 international business contacts into a contacts list (i’m a lil worried the addresses have being entered wrong) and helping with some other computer stuff.

oh, and i joined a GYM! i’m really excited about it. i’m gonna get in shape. (not that i’m not a shape, it’s just i’ve never worked out before and i’m excited to get toned)

as it’s really late, i’m going to crash. i have to be up early tomorrow. i’ll post again soon.

(i miss blogging actually, and i have more to say now that there’s stuff going on in my life)


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