i’ve spent a lot of tonight reading a site called “makes me think.”

it has, it really has.

so far tonight i’ve thought of a day in college when my friend called me (in the middle of class) and i answered because we were working on our own. i’m so glad i did, because she was she cutting and talking about slitting her wrists. i was the person she called when she was feeling at her lowest. the call cut out after a few minutes and i freaked out. the only thing i could think to do was call the cops, i didn’t know her dorm building or number and she was at a school so far away.

i’m so happy that today she isn’t upset with me for calling the cops and that she’s there to talk and hang out with.

it’s made me remember the couple who stopped for a girl standing on the side of the road with her car upside down on an incline, who sat and waited with me until the ambulance arrived because i was by myself.

it’s reminded me of my friend jessie who died 12 years ago, even though she’s been on my mind for weeks. i even saw her little brother a few weeks ago. he had no idea who i was! but i still said hello.

it’s reminded me how lucky i really am, i may be unemployed and have no idea what i want to do with my life but i know that my options are limitless.

all i need is to decide what i want to do!


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