jobless for 9 weeks now and bored for 7 of them. what has the 7 weeks of boredom wrought?


around the middle especially. this is bothering me more than i can even put into words. other than:

i feel fat.

(i know i’m not fat, i just don’t like this squishiness i’ve accumulated)

see, i’ve never worked out or gone to the gym or really done anything that would help tone me. i apparently have sensible eating habits and a good metabolism, thus far anyways…

since i have been out of work i have spent entirely too much time just sitting. at least at work i was sitting but i did not have access to foods other than what i brought with me. so my weight stayed around the 125 mark. now, i’m up at 132, which is what i weighed in high school, but i think some of it has changed to squish vs the muscle i had (no clue where it came from).


i need to fix this. i do not like feeling fat and at this point all my friends have access to a gym and are working out.

and me? i don’t.

i should get back into running again, that is something i could do. ‘cept i accidentally washed the iPod i used for running, an iPod mini.

yeah, talented right?

ok, ok, the main issue is i got bit by a dog the last time i went running in my neighborhood, which makes me dread running around town for the small likelihood that it would happen again.

i should just get over that. easier said then done though.

ugh. i have got to get out of this rut!

i want to look young and be hot forever. the squish is the opposite of that. *sigh*



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