tuesday nights

i am just a bit tipsy right now. and ya know what? i’m okay with that.

just got home from an amazing tuesday evening with some friends. we were doing dessert and drinks for the last month or so on tuesdays, today we upped the ante.

i made dinner and one friend did dessert.

tonight’s menu featured glazed pork chops, au gratin potatoes, crescent rolls and the friend made crème brûlée. *drool* and then there was the champagne. mmm, champagne is now a requirement. we have been having 2 bottles at each night, we have too much fun with this.

two of them have gotten into the habit of sabering all bottles of champagne open. not entirely sure what that is? just youtube it. there’s some funny videos of people screwing it up majorly as well.

fun fact:you can also saber a beer bottle open it if has the proper lip.

we did that last week when i had my first taste of leinenkugel sunset wheat. everyone else said it tasted like fruity pebbles (i don’t agree, but then again….i don’t like beer either).

either way, tonight was a fabulous night.


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