pick two

well, i stumbled upon this image the other day and felt like sharing.

sadly, it's true.

it seems to be true in most cases. then again*shrugs* i’d like to think i embody all three, but if it is you can only be two, i wonder which two i am?

my good friend and i have actually had a conversation similar to this. if you had to choose which two you would like to have in a significant other, which two would it be?

tough choice, no?

do you admit to being shallow and say good looks have to be one? or is emotional stability most important? or intelligence? *shakes head* wouldn’t the ideal person have all three?

for me, any guy i’m interested in has to be attractive (to me), intelligent and be confident in who he is and where he stands with me (is this emotionally stable?). i have quite a few guy friends and the thing is… i happen to flirt with everyone.

my thought on this is that all human interaction, when you get right down to it, is flirting. it’s just what we do. everyone loves a social butterfly, the person who is congenial, smiley, and seems genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say. isn’t this essentially an indiscriminate flirt?

you could argue this point, then again no one is really reading this so no one will. i’ll have to bring it up again with my friend and see if her choices have changed or not.


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