can’t take a hint

an open letter to the people in our lives that we don’t want to be friends with/date:

really, you’d think that after however many years it’s been that you would just take the hint. i’ve been nice, i’ve demurred, i’ve out and out told you i’m not interested. don’t you think that if i wanted to hang with you i would find the time? do you think the passage of time is going to change my mind?


why do you keep texting me, chatting with me on facebook, inviting me to parties? please, just STOP!

do i invite you to go drinking with me? do i text just to say hi? do i invite you to do anything?

no, no i don’t.

please don’t make me be a bitch.
1. you are a nice person (i just don’t see us having anything in common.)
2. i’m not attracted to you.
3. i don’t have anything i want to talk to you about, not even inane things.
4. i treat you like i treat everyone else. (i must be too nice)


how do you deal with this? i’m apparently not doing it right.


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