guys and cleaning

what is with guys telling girls that they cleaned recently? i only wonder because i’ve realized i’ve had several guys tell me about when they last cleaned, always within the day or two when they tell me.

does this having something to do with the hope that the person they are telling will  be comfortable enough to come over knowing that their place will not be a typical “gross guys place”. and in the guys eyes, possibly being a hook up as well?

i guess i’m a bit jaded, though i have a feeling i’m right. why else would you tell someone you were cleaning?

then again.

is it that so many people i know have such boring lives that that’s all we have to tell each other? hmm, my female friends don’t usually tell me they cleaned, if anything it’s that they tried something new cooking wise or they went shopping.

so, i do think it has all to do with a girl being comfortable coming over to their clean house. i’ll have to pay attention and see what keeps being said.


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