lost a day

well,apparently i am a time traveler because i lost a day. saturday to be exact. i hate that. the cause of this fast forward to sunday? drinking, namely me drinking too much. yeah. i have really got to stop this. the day after is too much for me. i have got to stop accepting drinks from people, that is the cause. my inability to say no and the fact that i’m a small person with a low tolerance (compared to my friends anyways).

i was in bed for hours today, at least 8 or 9. i still feel shittier then all get out. i suppose it is time for a ton of advil and some water. hopefully i wake up tomorrow without this headache. (it’s going on day 3, it’s not from the hangover i had the headache before i even started drinking. another reason i shouldn’t have gone.)

this is the queen of the idiots, i’m out.


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