dislike (ala facebook, or how it should be)

do you ever not like yourself?

do you ever wish you could be a different person? make different choices? change who you are?

i’m sure i am not alone in this but right now, i really wish i liked who i was. i know there are so many other people who are sharing this thought with me. what’s really sad, is i am not all that different now then a few months ago.

i suppose i am craving new people, new things and new activities. being from a small town these things are harder to find. there are only so many places to go here and i’ve been to most of them. i guess it is time to mix it up a little bit. yep. time for a few changes, ones that are pretty easy to make. i wonder how my friends will feel about these? i suppose it is time for me to go farther afield and closer to where one of my good friends live.

all i ever wanted was to find more people who share my thoughts and interests. is it that big of a deal? i never thought it was, but i suppose it’s a bit trickier then i though.

what i wouldn’t give for some new experiences.


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