broken things

going through my things today i stumbled across all the stencils i have made for t- shirts and i had a quote on a piece of paper.

broken things can be beautiful

just reading those words, i teared up. it’s difficult to say why.  i think it has to do with how i’ve been feeling like a failure. as if i was useless, like a broken thing.

i hate feeling brokenit made me realize that if broken things can be beautiful, then i can be as well. and there was nothing i needed to hear more then it’s okay to be broken.

i know at some point i will fix myself, there will always be cracks and i may have lost a few pieces and some substitutions may need to be made. but i will be put back together. to quote a favorite book, “there may be a few wodgy bits” but i will be back to myself, hopefully with lessons learned.


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