50’s night

so my good friend and i decided to dress in 50’s style last night and go out to our favorite martini bar. luckily, i own just the appropriate ensemble for this! with my lovely cafe au lait dress with large chocolate and teal roses, pearls, gloves, and an amazing hat (borrowed from my mother). i was all set!really wanted to break out my southern accent here.

have you ever had everyone at the bar turn and look at you as you walk in? well, i have. apparently it’s not that often that someone walks in wearing a teal pill box hat with a veil. everyone over the age of 30 just loved it, most people my age were pretty much wondering if  i was off my rocker or not. *wry grin* makes me think of that lovely alice in wonderland quote “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” haha. it’s true.

we also drank gin and tonics, as gin is a very 50’s drink. what did i learn from that experience?

i do not like gin.

ugh. juniper is just not a flavor i enjoy in my drinks. no, never again will i drink gin.*shudder* not if today’s headache was an indicator of what i would enjoy the morning after. not to mention i could still taste it when i woke up this morning. yuck.

all around though, last night was much too fun. we shall have to have theme night out more often. the bartender at the martini place told us to call ahead next time and he would dress up with us! little does he know that we may just hold him to that!

up next: ‘stache and ‘tini night! cocktail dresses, fake mustaches and martinis. this will be epic! I will even take more and better pictures.



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2 responses to “50’s night

  1. You so pretty 🙂 I like 50’s style.
    (I don’t like din too)

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