cookies, part duex

so i got bored again. i suppose i should be used to it after a few weeks. wouldn’t you think? ugh…

so boredom= me+ reading + baking cookies apparently. who knew?

this time it’s Russian Tea Cakes and  mary’s sugar cookies from the last time. which i never did post pictures. i should fix that.

you may know russian tea cakes as mexican wedding cookies, apparently they’re the same thing. i only learned that a few years ago. i blame it on being from the midwest.

they are melt in your mouth good.

these happen to be my dad’s favorite and ever so easy to make!

if you hang around kiddos these are one of the best cookies to make with them, all you do is roll them into balls, bake them and then roll them in powder sugar twice.

(see what i mean about easy?)

so, both doughs are chilling in the fridge. gotta get on rolling the dough balls for the tea cakes here in a bit, it’s time consuming and a bit mind numbing so i’ll grab my iPod and listen to  music. rolling dozens of balls does get boring. i’m a bit anal so they’ll all be the same size. bite size,  since these cookies get powdered sugar everywhere if you have to take bites out of them.

and i was laughin to myself, such a dirty mind, andria. such a dirty mind.


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