every christmas when i was a kid we would make sugar cookies and decorate them with frosting and those shaped candy sprinkles. we (my brother and i) picked ones out specially for santa and even left carrots for the reindeer. when my brother and i outgrew santa we continued to decorate cookies. well, at least my mom, my friends and i. heck i even had a cookie “cake” one year, since i’m not a cake fan.

this is the best sugar cookie recipe: Mary’s Sugar Cookies from the Betty Crocker Cooky Cookbook. you can actually get a reprint of the cookbook. i’ve really got to pick one  up since my favorite cookies are from that book.

i’ll post some pictures of the decorated cookies later. i’ve got the dough in the fridge chilling before we roll’em out to cut and bake. it’s really only a baking project for a large group. after awhile the decorating gets old. haha. and i start decorating them as my “five year old self” would do. it doesn’t really matter how they look, they just taste amazing! they don’t last all that long in our house, maybe 3 days? i’ll definitly be sending some home with the friends who are helping decorate them. i don’t need to eat them all!


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