stubble, is hot. not gonna lie. it’s a bit like the tousled bed head look that has been so popular for the ladies, and gents alike, these last few years. there’s something innately appealing about it in an “i just rolled out of bed and i look this good” kind of way.

only thing is, it acts like sandpaper to your face. and it’s one of those things that isn’t noticeable right away, like shoes that rub or pants that chafe.

yeah, yeah, not the best comparisons but what can you do? actually, thinking on it. they are apt comparisons, they all end up with sore skin. you gotta wear ’em in action for awhile before they become uncomfortable, then start to hurt. nothing worse then being in pain while doing something enjoyable… unless, of course you’re into that sort of thing.

i can’t be just me, but damn stubble just rubs the skin on my chin the wrong way. i’ve ended up with chapped skin on my chin numerous times. where the skin in question gets red, peely and sore. it’s so awkward to have to have the conversation with a guy about it too. i mean, how can you say it so they’ll be willing to comply with your request?

“ya know, stubble is hot and looks amazing on you. but….it’s ripping the shit out of my skin.  and since i would rather make out with you then not…..could you shave?”

ironically enough, something along those lines works! haha. i’ve had to have this conversation with several guys. just gotta have the right amount of ego stroking versus request. i think they’d rather have steamy make outs then nothing.

so, stubble….yeah, regardless of the number it does on me, it’s hot. and i will continue to think that. though i will always be the one who has to say:

“can you please shave?”


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