i’ve been thinking

i’m really bad at following any sort of schedule with writing. i tried to have a diary, i tried another blog, to no avail.

hell, the only thing i’m good at updating is my twitter account and i haven’t been all that good at updating THAT lately. so what’s a girl to do? well, i think it’s gonna be to stop being a dumb ass ( i always think of Red Foreman when i think that) and just write. it’s really not all that difficult, just pick an interesting topic and run with it. so what i’m going to do is come up with some amusing/interesting subjects and go from there.

if i had any folks reading this i’d ask for suggestions, but i don’t think that will be happening any time soon. *grins*

so hopefully, this will be the last blog i post that is just a stalling tactic. but we’ll see.


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